Art from inner stillness

Black Cube Contemporary Art Gallery was opened in May 2017. It is based in the Black Cube Hotel complex near Kiev in quiet, beautiful nature on the banks of the Dnepr river.

The main activity of the gallery is to organise exhibitions of art, photography and sculptures both in its own space and also in different places in Kiev.

The idea of the gallery is to exhibit different expressions of beauty, where the artist has a connection to his inner stillness. This leads to art where the viewer experiences peace and harmony. We are keep idea of conceptual art from our main gallery Flow Fine Art which work more then 10 years in Germany.



5 April – 4 August



Was born in 1984 in the family of Nikolay Ivanovich Rodzin, Honored Artist of Ukraine, graphics. In 2000-2007 he studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture with a degree in architecture and artist. Gradually, the artist’s awareness in himself outweighed the talent of the architect. In 2012–2017 a series of paintings and ceramic sculptures “Silence” was born. At the core of which is the search for silence and depths of the inner world, the purity of one’s own perception of reality. This period is also the time of training in the ceramic studio and icon-painting workshop “Burning Bush”.

“Painting a picture – meditation is a sacred process, regardless of subject matter. It is a question of working on oneself – the state in which the person from whom he is writing is in which he is immersed. This is primary in any work. ”

Project FLOW

This series is the result of a certain stage of life, as well as the development of a new technique of abstract painting. The basis of which is the work with the elements of water. Water, spreading along the canvas with paint, creates work with you. And you never know the result to the end. This is unexpected and unique – like here and now. This is a stream of inspiration and creativity. No matter what a person does, there are no creative people. The main thing to catch your flow. Open Source of living water inside. Hear the vibrancy of its purity and frequency. And to express it – to realize in this world. Fill everything around you with Love and Joy. Following Your Flow is the greatest mastery of the joy of renewal …



Teaching artist, conducts master classes and workshops on painting around the world.
Exhibition organizer, consultant of the program for the disclosure of talents and goals, finding his place in life.

The search zone is a combination of abstraction and impressionism. Writes in the author’s technique of painting. The technique allows us to show the world in its movement, to convey its internal fluidity. Working at the junction of abstraction and form without the use of brushes and the traditional approach, I try to combine the eternal and the fleeting. It is interesting for me to reveal various images through experiments with fluid material and new technologies. I’m not looking for an impression, I create it.

Project “Chakras” – Pictures that reflect your world.

The main idea of ​​my new painting technique is transparency. This is how the enlightened master sees the world. Energies and objects emerge from the misty fluctuations inherent in watercolor drawings, and are transformed into colored X-ray sections of being at the junction of abstraction and form. Greatness, clarity and joy – these are the qualities that awaken the paintings, becoming dots as assemblies of your interior.


Black Cube Contemporary Art

Open: Every day 11 pm – 7 pm, on request

Curator Dmytro Zhuravlov

Tripillya (50 km south of Kiev)
Tel.: +38 (098) 08 78 443