Art from inner stillness

Black Cube Contemporary Art Gallery was opened in May 2017. It is based in the Black Cube Hotel complex near Kiev in quiet, beautiful nature on the banks of the Dnepr river.

The main activity of the gallery is to organise exhibitions of art, photography and sculptures both in its own space and also in different places in Kiev Leon bet.

The idea of the gallery is to exhibit different expressions of beauty, where the artist has a connection to his inner stillness. This leads to art where the viewer experiences peace and harmony. We are keep idea of conceptual art from our main gallery Flow Fine Art which work more then 10 years in Germany.



Curators: John David & Turiya

9 May




Lubomir Martinuk’s paintings are exhibited in many galleries and museums of Ukraine and Europe. For instance, his works are kept in the department of the modern art in Louvre. Also he had an exhibition in Paris. The exhibition entitled “Liubomyr and Matisse” was successfully held in Baumann gallery in 2013.
As the painter says, the idea of his creative work is to deliver his personal admiration of the nature filled with great joy and deep sense. We can just envy this painter‘s inexhaustible energy, who, despite his extremely busy schedule, constantly participates in charity projects.
Lubomir Martinuk was born 1980. He graduated from Lviv National Academy of Arts in 2004.


Dzhepo Danylo & Tetyana Chyrkyna


The “Toys Alebrije” is a combination of Mexican and Ukrainian painting techniques. The Toys-Sculptures are made of paper mache. They are based on the works of Maria Primachenko. Artists: Dzhepo Danylo & Tetyana Chyrkyna


Black Cube Contemporary Art

Open: Every day 11 pm – 7 pm, on request

Curators: Turiya Grasshoff & Anna Pavlyk 

Tripillya (50 km south of Kiev)
Tel.: +38 (096) 300 07 65


Main Gallery in Germany, near Cologne

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