November 2020 – May 2021



 “Impulse of Love” – watercolors by Catherine Slota.

The “impulse of love” is what the outer and inner worlds begin with. It’s about creativity that is born out of silence. About spontaneity, freedom, trust. Trust into yourself and into something unknown, which is manifested through creativity.

Graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv
Since 1988 – artist
1999 – 2006 – restorer of icon painting in the national research and restoration center of Ukraine.
Since 2007 – architect
since 2019 Art School for children and adults “Art Soul”



August – December




Art from the heart is the world of Katerina Pyatakova. Inspiration for the creation of their works Katerina draws from the beauty of the surrounding world, in the search for a response of feelings and emotions among the phenomena of nature. The main desire of the artist is to fill the hearts of people with light, love and joy, and that is what her works contain.

   Ekaterina Pyatakova is an artist, member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, full member of the European Guild of Artists working in pastel art (Pastel Guild of Europe), winner and winner of many Ukrainian and international exhibitions and competitions, exhibition activity includes more than 40 exhibitions.

   In 2012, Ekaterina Pyatakova was represented in TOP 100 of the best artists from 42 countries at the International Festival PALETAFEST in Croatia, in 2013 she participated in the VI International Biennale of Pastels in Poland, in 2017 – at the International Biennale of Art in Rome, Italy. Catherine Pyatakova’s paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Europe, Australia and the USA.



Was born September 14, 1994 in Nizhyn, Chernihiv region. He graduated from the State Art School named after T.H.Shevchenko in 2013 (sculpture department). In 2013 Daniyl became a student of the Natioanal Academy of Fine Art and Architecture (faculcy of sculpture).

Parcipated in student exhibitions in Kyiv.

2013 – еxhibition of young “Themselves”

2016 – exhibition “People” Leonardo BC

2016 – personal exhibition “Point of view” art space GLASS

2016 – the monument “Soldier volunteers” in Kiev



May – June


Oleg Yurov


I write in the author’s technique of painting “free motion.” The zone of my search is a combination of abstraction and impressionism. The “free motion” technique allows us to show the world in its movement, transfer its internal fluidity. Working at the interface of abstraction and form without the use of brushes and the traditional approach, I I try to unite the eternal and fleeting.

It is interesting for me to reveal different images through experiments with flowable material and new technologies. I’m not looking for an impression, I’m creating it. My paintings are made and decorated in the style of minimalism and can become an ornament for both bedrooms and the point of assembly of any modern interior in the style of loft, art deco, eclectic, etc. They will be of interest to architects and designers as well as to connoisseurs of style.

He founded programs for the implementation of creative ideas for businessmen, for the Directorate and TOP-management of companies. I give workshops on painting in various cities and countries. Their goal is to create the beautiful, improve the culture of their environment and restore the personal and team ability to create.

Organizer of the exhibitions of pupils: “100 talents – 100 paintings”, Almaty, 2015 “Dances by the canvas”, Clearwater, USA, 2016 “Kettles and crumbs”, Kiev, 2017 Personal exhibitions: “Flowers”, Kiev, 2017 “Cat in bed” , Kiev, 2018

Prize winner and a jury member of many international competitions haiku, the author of 8 collections of Japanese poetry. The consultant of the program on disclosing talents and goals, finding their place in life.

Petrova Julia


Born in Volochysk town, Khmelnytsky region in 1984. Since the age of six he has been studying at a children’s art school. Even then she took an active part in children’s district, regional and republican exhibitions and competitions. Twice occupied the second republican place “Draw children of Ukraine”. In 2004 Graduated from the Kosiv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts, Department of Artistic Weaving. She continued  studies at the National Academy of Art and Architecture, the faculty of monumental painting in the workshop of O. V. Kozhekov. where she studied not only the skills of painting, drawing and composition, but also mastered such techniques as fresco, stained glass, graphite and mosaic.

During her studies and still takes an active part in all-Ukrainian and international plein-airs and exhibitions. Works are stored in private collections in Ukraine, London, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Poland, China. Lives and works in Kiev. Her work is reflection of her emotional perception of the environment. Every person lives in his own universe, art is a good way to open this world to others.



May 2017 – April 2018

Lubomir Martinuk


Lubomir Martinuk was born on 5 August, 1980 in Ivano-Frankivsk region.  From 1995 until 1998 Liubomyr studied in the Colleage of Arts and Crafts in Kosiv town. Then he graduated from Lviv National Academy of Arts in 2004.

Luiubomyr‘s paintings are exhibited in some galleries and museums of Ukraine and Europe.  For instance, his works are kept in the department of the modern art in Louvre. Also he had an exhibition in Paris. The exhibition entitled “Liubomyr and Matisse” was successfully held in Baumann gallery in 2013.

As the painter says, the idea of his creative work is to deliver his personal admiration of the nature   filled with great joy and deep sense. We can just envy this painter‘s inexhaustible energy, who, despite his extremely busy schedule, constantly participates in charity projects.

Last exhibitions


  • ”Amazing world of plants, for You With love.” National Botanical Garden of  NN Grishka.
  • personal exhibition “Mint of Ukraine”. Kiev.


  • “Henry Matis and Lubomir Martyniuk» The Balman Gallery h. Korbrig North-East England.
  • “World of azaleas tenderness” gallery “Slivka”. Lvov.
  • “Twenty looks on Jesus Christ “ National Museum of Taras Shevchenko.
  • “110 images of Jesus Christ “ Natioanal Kiev museum of Russian art
  • Art Eco Café, Kiev.
  • “God is My Light” Museum of architecture and life. Lvov.
  • “Sea of Love” Castle Museum Medzhybizh. Khmelnytsky region.


  • “Kingdom of color variaty “ Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property. Kiev.
  • “Life in love” Museum of theatrical, musical and film art. Kiev.


  • personal exhibition “La vie en fleurs” (Life in Color) Gallery 28. Paris. France.
  • Museum N. Kotsyubynskoho. Chernigov.
  • “Sun” Art Cafe “Mezzanine”. Kiev.
  • “God in paints” Gallery Vishynskyh. Lvov.
  • “Color Healing” National Scientist Medical Library of Ukraine. Kiev.

Bogdan Kuharskiy


Young sculptor lives and work in Lviv. More then 4 years Bogdan pertisipates in exibitions and fairs in many cities of Ukraine and Poland. He plays with combination of different materials, inventing new unexpected images. Also he creates unique ceramic.